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During my first pregnancy – we were preparing for the little one’s arrival – I obtained a wrap, among other things. This was more of a spontaneous idea because I liked the design and I thought that it might come in handy occasionally. In time though, I read more and more about how carrying is not only convenient, but also beneficial to the physical and psychological development of children.

And yet, I was surprised at how much carrying influenced our family. I slowly began tinkering with various techniques. Initially, carrying a child on my back was not my cup of tea. So, I ended up going to a babywearing consultant, which helped me a lot. I felt more secure and confident and I was shown little tricks and tips that helped me bind my children much better.

Ever since, I have thought of infecting others with this virus, so in August 2014 I followed a course to become a babywearing consultant at the TSHH. I am now a certified baby wearing consultant.

What started out as a personal whim, has now become an integral part of my daily life.