WEIS Chantal

Certified: Trageschule ClauWi ®
Porter son enfant, tout un art ©
Tel.: (+352) 26 78 23 77
Courses: at the babywearinginstructor's home, online over Internet, only in the morning
Adress: 21, rue Jacques Santer
L-6139 Junglinster

My name is Chantal Weis. I am a luxembourgish mum of 4 girls born in 01/2008, 06/2010, 02/2013 and 04/2015. In my former life, before motherhood, I was a teacher in luxembourgish “enseignement modulaire”. Now I am a mum at home who does a lot of voluntary work and who gives baby carrying sessions.

For the birth of my fist daughter I got a carrying wrap. It took me some weeks to dare to put my baby in there. She was so small and the warp so long. It was a revelation: she got calm and I had two hands free. From that moment on the warp was used daily.

With the birth of my second daughter I bought another, shorter, wrap to put her easily on my back. From that moment on I was launched in the addiction of carrying wraps. I wanted to try different brands, different materials and more tying methods and try on different carriers. So I did the studying at ClauWi carrying school in Germany in 2011, certified in 2012 and, to learn even more, I also studied at PSETUA in France in 2014.